First post: on why and what

I’ve always liked the idea of writing, almost since I was a kid. With the advent of blogs I felt it might be a good idea to start one, but I didn’t give much thought to the matter and never took the time to make it happen. Besides, I didn’t have a single, specific subject to write about; I’m a guy of many interests, including maths, computer science, music, natural sciences, philosophy and literature. Leaving computer science aside, my knowledge in most of those other subjects is rather limited, and although I often find them fascinating, it would be difficult for me to write much about a single one.

But now I finally got down to it. I decided to build a personal website and blog, a place to host my CV, showcase my work, and to share experiences, ideas, and projects (and possibly some non-technical stuff too, to include my other interests).

On the technical side, I’m planning to build a sort of portfolio, but since most of my previous professional work is not displayable (closed source and/or no public demo/live version to point to) I’ll probably take some personal projects, maybe tidy them up a bit, and open source them, hosting them on Github or some similar service. That may take some time, though.

Among the old personal projects I have lying around there is a raycasting game engine with a map editor (old-school pseudo-3D, like Doom or Duke3D), a “modern” 2D game engine which uses OpenGL, and a game audio engine, all written in Java.

Among newer ones there’s a small cloud management system written in PHP, which aims to be like a stripped-down version of Rightscale (allowing to launch servers based on templates and monitor them, etc.), and the latest one is an “interactive data plotter” written in JavaScript, which I developed to help me study bitcoin trading data (as part of an ongoing project of mine).

I also have several ideas for new personal online projects, including trivial ones (band name generator), intermediate ones (drum pattern editor/player), and involved ones (a JavaScript remake of the Mac version of the original Prince of Persia game).

On the non-technical side, I may write about maths (stuff I “discovered”, some proofs, alternative ways of understanding certain things), music (maths behind it, my favourite artists), my favourite works of literature, and philosophical topics (implications of AI, mind-body problem).

I haven’t yet decided if it’ll be best to keep the non-technical stuff in a separate blog, or have everything together. I’m also considering writing some of the non-technical stuff in Spanish. I’ll see when I get to it. If you’re reading this, welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy my posts!

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